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Elektro-Automatik - Turnkey DC Power Rack & Cabinet Systems

EA’s flexible high-power DC supplies and electronic loads are integrated into 19 ” rack power supply or closed cabinet solutions and can be cost-effectively adapted to a wide variety of user requirements, thanks to their modular design and the standardized power and protection modules employed.
The 19 “rack power supply or cabinet system can be designed as pure DC sources, with power supplies, or as pure sinks, with electronic loads. Further still, the EA power supplies can be conventional or bidirectional, and the loads can be conventional or regenerative for a mixed of source and sink capability. High power density units can be easily paralleled up to 1.92MW in output, with up to 2000 VDC.
The DC rack power supply and electronic load series each feature 5 “TFT touch panel display for intuitive control, setup and programming. The intelligent interface allows you to program and test quickly without the need for extensive manual review.