Fluke - MDA-510 and MDA-550 Motor Drive Analyzers

Product Overview:

  • Guided testing with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams makes setup and connection to variable frequency drives easier than ever
  • Preset measurement profiles collect data based on the chosen test procedure and reduce the need for complex configuration
  • Built-in report writing capabilities make it easy to produce professional as-found and as-left motor-drive troubleshooting reports


Simplify complex motor-drive troubleshooting with guided test setups and automated drive measurements that provide reliable, repeatable test results.

The Fluke MDA 510 and MDA 550 Motor-Drive Analyzers save time and eliminate the hassle of setting up complex measurements, while simplifying the troubleshooting process for variable frequency drives. Simply select a test and the step-by-step guided measurements show you where to make voltage and current connections, while the preset measurement profiles ensure you will capture all the data you need for each critical motor-drive section—from the input to the output, the DC bus, and the motor itself. From basic to advanced measurements, the MDA-500 Series has you covered, and with a built-in report generator you can quickly and easily generate as-found, and as-left reports with confidence.

The MDA-510 and MDA-550 are the ideal portable motor-drive analysis test tools and can help safely locate and troubleshoot typical problems on inverter type motor-drive systems.

  • Measure key motor-drive parameters including voltage, current, DC Bus voltage level and AC ripple, voltage and current unbalance and harmonics (MDA-550), voltage modulation, and motor shaft voltage discharges (MDA-550).
  • Perform extended harmonics measurements to identify the effects of low and high order harmonics on your electrical power system.
  • Conduct guided measurements for motor-drive input, DC bus, drive output, motor input and shaft measurements (MDA-550) with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams.
  • Use simplified measurement setup with preset measurement profiles to automatically trigger data collection based on the chosen test procedure.
  • Create reports quickly and easily that are perfect for documenting troubleshooting and collaborative work with others.
  • Measure additional electrical parameters with full 500 MHz oscilloscope, meter and recording capability for complete range of electrical and electronic measurement on industrial systems.

The Fluke MDA-510 and MDA-550 Motor Drive Analyzers use guided test measurements to make analysis easier than ever.

Drive input

Measure input voltage and current to quickly see whether values are within acceptable limits by comparing the variable frequency drive’s (VFD), also known as a variable speed drive (VSD) or adjustable speed drive (ASD), nominal rated voltage to the actual supplied voltage. Then, check the input current to determine if the current is within the maximum rating and the conductors are suitably sized. You can also check whether the harmonic distortion is within an acceptable level by visually inspecting the waveform shape or by viewing the harmonics spectrum screen (MDA-550) with total harmonic distortion and individual harmonics.

Voltage and current unbalance

Check the voltage unbalance at the input terminals of the frequency speed drive so you can ensure the phase unbalance is not too high (> 6-8 %), and that the phase rotation is correct. You can also check the current unbalance, as excessive unbalance may indicate a drive rectifier problem.

Extended harmonic measurements

Excessive harmonics are not just a threat to your rotating machines but also to other equipment connected to the electrical power system. The MDA-550 provides the ability to discover the harmonics of the motor-drive but can also discover the possible effects of inverter switching electronics. The MDA-550 has three harmonic ranges, 1st to 51st Harmonics, 1 to 9 kHz and 9 kHz to 150 kHz giving the ability to detect any harmonic pollution problems.

DC bus

In a motor-drive the conversion of AC to DC inside the drive is critical, having the correct voltage and adequate smoothing with low ripple is required for the best drive performance. High ripple voltage may be an indicator of failed capacitors or incorrect sizing of the connected motor. The record function of the MDA-500 Series can be used to check DC bus performance dynamically in the operating mode while a load is applied.

Drive output

Check the output of the inverter drive focusing both on voltage to frequency ratio (V/F), and voltage modulation. When high V/F ratio measurements are experienced, the motor may overheat. With low V/F ratios, the connected motor may not be able to provide the required torque at the load to sufficiently run the intended process.

Voltage modulation

Measurements of the Pulse Width Modulated signal are used to check for high voltage peaks which can damage motor winding insulation. The rise time or steepness of impulses is indicated by the dV/dt reading (rate of voltage change over time), this should be compared to the motor’s specified insulation. The measurements can also be used to measure switching frequency to identify whether there is a potential issue with electronic switching, or with grounding, where the signal floats up and down.

Motor input

Ensuring that voltage is being supplied at the motor input terminals is key, and the selection of cabling from drive to the motor is critical. Incorrect cabling selection can result in both drive and motor damage due to excessive reflected voltage peaks. Checking that the current present at the terminals is within the motor rating is important as over current condition could cause the motor to run hot, decreasing the life of the stator insulation which can result in the early failure of the motor.

Motor shaft voltage

Voltage pulses from a variable frequency drive can couple from a motor’s stator to its rotor, causing a voltage to appear on the rotor shaft. When this rotor shaft voltage exceeds the insulating capacity of the bearing grease, flashover currents (sparking) can occur, causing pitting and fluting of the motor bearing race, damage that can cause a motor to fail prematurely. The MDA-550 Series analyzers are supplied with carbon fiber brush probe tips that can easily detect the presence of destructive flashover currents, while the impulse amplitude and count of events will enable you to take action before failure occurs. The addition of this accessory and capability of the MDA-550 allows you to discover potential damage without investing in expensive permanently installed solutions.

Step-by-step guided measurements ensure you have the data you need, when you need it

The MDA-500 Series is designed to help you quickly and easily test and troubleshoot typical problems on three-phase and single-phase inverter type motor-drive systems. The on-screen information, and step-by-step setup guidance make it easy to configure the analyzer and get the drive measurements you need to make better maintenance decisions, fast. From power input to the installed motor, the MDA-500 provides the measurement capability for the fastest motor-drive troubleshooting.

  • Connection Diagram Drive Input

    Drive input step-by-step guided measurement connections

Motor drive analyzer, 4 channel, 500 MHz with motor shaft and harmonics
  • 1x BP 291 li-ion battery pack
  • 1x BC190 charger/power adapter
  • 3x VPS 100:1 high voltage probes with alligator clips
  • 1x VPS410-II-R 10:1 500MHz voltage probe
  • 3x i400s ac current clamp
  • 1x C1740 carrying case
  • 1x 2 GB USB drive with manuals and FlukeView™ 2 software
  • 1x SVS-500 shaft voltage set (3x brush, probe holder, two-piece extension rod and magnetic base)

Motor drive analyzer, 4 channel, 500 MHz
  • 1x BP 291 li-ion battery pack
  • 1x BC190 charger/power adapter
  • 3x VPS 100:1 high voltage probes with alligator clips
  • 1x VPS410-II-R 10:1 500MHz voltage probe
  • 1x i400s ac current clamp
  • 1x C1740 carrying case
  • 1x 2 GB USB drive with manuals and FlukeView 2 software
Measurement Function
DC voltage (V dc)
Maximum voltage with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1000 V
Maximum resolution with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1 mV
Full scale reading 999 counts
Accuracy at 4 s to 10 us/div ±(3 % + 6 counts)
AC voltage (V ac)
Maximum voltage with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1000 V
Maximum resolution with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1 mV
Full scale reading 999 counts
50 Hz ±(3 % + 10 counts) - 0.6 %
60 Hz ±(3 % + 10 counts) - 0.4 %
60 Hz to 20 kHz ±(4 % + 15 counts)
20 kHz to 1 MHz ±(6 % + 20 counts)
1 MHz to 25 MHz ±(10 % + 20 counts)
True-rms voltage (V ac+dc)
Maximum voltage with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1000 V
Maximum resolution with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1 mV
Full scale reading 1100 counts
DC to 60 Hz ±(3 % + 10 counts)
60 Hz to 20 kHz ±(4 % + 15 counts)
20 kHz to 1 MHz ±(6 % + 20 counts)
1 MHz to 25 MHz ±(10 % + 20 counts)
PWM voltage (V pwm)
Purpose To measure on pulse width modulated signals, like motor drive inverter outputs
Principle Readings show the effective voltage based on the average value of samples over a whole number of periods of the fundamental frequency
Accuracy As Vac+dc for sinewave signals
Peak voltage (V peak)
Modes Max peak, min peak, or pk-to-pk
Maximum voltage with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 1000 V
Maximum resolution with 10:1 or 100:1 probe 10 mV
Max peak, min peak ±0.2 division
Pk-to-pk ±0.4 division
Full scale reading 800 counts


General Specification
Current (AMP) with current clamp
Ranges Same as V ac, Vac+dc or V peak
Scale Factors 0.1 mV/A, 1 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 20 mV/A, 50mV/A, 100 mV/A, 200 mV/A, 400 mV/A
Accuracy Same as Vac, Vac+dc or V peak (add current clamp accuracy)
Frequency (Hz)
Range 1.000 Hz to 500 MHz
Full scale reading 999 counts
Accuracy ±(0.5 % + 2 counts)
Voltage/Herz ratio (V/Hz)
Purpose To show the measured V PWM value (see V PWM) divided by the fundamental frequency on variable ac motor speed drives
Accuracy % Vrms + % Hz
Voltage unbalance drive input
Purpose To show the highest percentage difference of one of the phase vs average of the 3 true-rms voltages
Accuracy Indicative percentage based on Vac+dc values
Voltage unbalance drive output and motor input
Purpose To show the highest percentage difference of one of the phase vs average of the 3 PWM voltages
Accuracy Indicative percentage based on V PWM values
Current unbalance drive input
Purpose To show the highest percentage difference of one of the phase vs average of the 3 AC current values
Accuracy Indicative percentage based on Aac+dc values
Current unbalance drive output and motor input
Purpose To show the highest percentage difference of one of the phase vs average of the 3 AC current values
Accuracy Indicative percentage based on A ac values
Rise and fall time
Readings Voltage difference (dV), time difference (dt), voltage vs time difference (dV/dt), overshoot
Accuracy As oscilloscope accuracy
Harmonics and spectrum
Harmonics DC to 51st
Spectrum ranges 1…9 kHz, 9-150 kHz (20 MHz filter on), up to 500 MHz (voltage modulation)
Shaft voltage
Events / second Indicative percentage based on rise and fall time (Impulse discharges) measurements
Report data capture
Number of screens Typical 50 screens can be saved in reports (depends on compression ratio)
Transfer to PC Using 2 GB USB stick or mini-USB to USB cable and FlukeView™ 2 for ScopeMeter™ test tool
Probe settings
Voltage probe 1:1, 10:1, 100:1, 1000:1, 20:1, 200:1
Current clamp 0.1 mV/A, 1 mV/A, 10 mV/A, 20 mV/A, 50 mV/A, 100 mV/A, 200 mV/A, 400 mV/A
Shaft voltage probe 1:1, 10:1, 100:1

More Product Information

The 438-II Power Quality Analyzer & Motor Analyzer helps you effectively evaluate electrical and mechanical performance just by hooking up voltage and measuring current, providing you with an unprecedented level of data.
  • Brings key motor analysis parameters like speed, torque and mechanical power and calculates motor efficiency without mechanical sensors
  • Includes full power quality and electrical energy analyzer functionality
  • Highest safety rating in industry; 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV

Analyze power quality issues, calculate the costs of wasted energy and prevent downtime with the Fluke 434-II Energy Analyzer and Fluke 435-II Power Quality and Energy Analyzer.
  • Advanced power quality health—At-a-glance power quality health data in real time so you can make better maintenance decisions
  • Energy loss calculator—Discover the costs of energy loss specifically caused by poor power quality
  • Highest safety rating in industry—CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V

  • Precise laser technology for more accurate and repeatable measurements
    • Temperature accuracy of up to ± 1℃ or ± 1% of reading whichever is greater with 20:1 distance to spot ratio
  • Flashlight and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display for easy viewing even in dark environment
  • IP54 rated for extra protection against airborne contaminants
  • Get your tool to work when you can't - set time and desired interval between measurements and Auto Capture will capture spot temperatures unattended
  • 99 data point logging
  • 30 hour battery life so your tool can perform as long as you need it to
  • Displays the minimum, maximum or average temperature, or the difference between two measurements
  • Hi and Lo alarms for rapid display of measurements outside set limits
  • Small and lightweight design fits easily into your tool box
  • Powered by one (1) AA alkaline battery

  • Large display
  • Backlight for work in dim areas
  • Min / Max to record signal fluctuations
  • Ergonomic overmolded housing with integrated probe holders
  • Free your hands with the optional TPAK magnetic hanger
  • Auto and Manual ranging
  • Meets Measurement Category 1000 V CAT III and Category IV 600 V safety standards
The 77 IV replaces the 77. Move up to superior utility and safety today.

  • VCHEK™ LoZ low impedance measurement function to simultaneously test for voltage or continuity*
  • True RMS for accurate AC measurements on non-linear loads
  • A large backlit display allows for easy visibility in low-lit areas
  • Record signal fluctuations using the Min/Max function
  • Diode test for testing general-purpose germanium, silicon, and power diodes
  • Integral holster with probe holders for easy storage
  • Auto and Manual ranging for added user functionality
  • The optional TPAK magnetic hanger allows the user hands-free flexibility

  • Ideal Digital Multimeter for “go/no-go” testing
  • Features AutoVolt automatic AC/DC voltage selection
  • Includes low input impedance to help prevent false readings due to ghost voltage
  • Presents a large white LED backlight for working in poorly lit areas
  • Measures resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance
  • Provides Min/Max/Average with elapsed time to record signal fluctuations

  • Identify complex signal problems fast
  • Supports accurate measurements on VFDs using a low-pass filter
  • Captures intermittents as fast as 250 µS with Peak Capture

  • Detects and pinpoints the exact location of the SF6 leak – without shutting down equipment
  • Quick entry/exit button allowing quick toggling between gas imaging and infrared mode
  • 320 x 240 resolution for gas and infrared images; SuperResolution increases to 640 x 480, only in infrared mode
  • Get in-focus images in both infrared and gas modes with a touch of a button with LaserSharp® Auto Focus
  • Wirelessly connect your camera to the Fluke Connect® system to make faster decisions. Team members can see the same data and collaborate on identifying the problem or authorize work before you've left the inspection site.
  • No need for pencil and notebook:
    • IR PhotoNotes™ annotation system captures digital images of equipment details, e.g. serial numbers and surrounding area conditions
    • Record any additional notes with voice annotation and save them with the image
  • See additional details with optional smart lenses – no calibration required when swapping them between compatible cameras
  • Optimize images, perform analytics, generate quick, customizable reports and export images to the format of your choice with SmartView® desktop software, included with your purchase
  • Capture clear, accurate infrared images focused throughout the entire field of view with MultiSharp™ Focus
  • Small and lightweight, fits easily into your tool box

  • Easy to handle infrared thermometer with precise single laser targeting and 8:1 distance to spot ratio
  • Measures temperatures from -30°C to 350°C (-22°F to 662°F)
  • Provides IP40 rating for extra protection
  • Presents a large, backlit LCD display for easy viewing
  • Features a small and lightweight design that fits easily fits into your tool box

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