Fluke - Hart 5947 Mini Metal-Cased Aluminum Cell

Product Overview:

  • Lower uncertainties than comparison calibrations
  • All ITS-90 fixed points from TPW to copper
  • Reduced equipment and annual recalibration costs


If cuteness were reason enough to buy a product, Hart’s Mini Fixed-Point Cells would win you over easily. But there’s a much better reason to buy them: they give you the least expensive, easiest-to-use fixed-point standards for your lab.

Mini cells eliminate the need for comparison calibrations. Temperatures of fixed-point cells are constant and intrinsic, so only the electrical parameters of the sensor under calibration need to be read. If you’re calibrating industrial thermometers, thermocouples, or thermistors and want the most accurate calibration possible, these mini cells will give it to you. If you need a wide range of temperatures, mini cells cover the triple point of water (0.01 °C) and every ITS-90 point from indium (156.5985 °C) to copper (1084.62 °C).

Fixed-points made simple

With mini cells, realization and maintenance are simple. Mini TPW cells can be automatically realized and maintained in our 9210 Maintenance Apparatus. Realizing the triple point of water takes only five minutes, but the plateaus last all day.

The realization and maintenance of indium, tin, zinc, and aluminum cells are likewise automated through our 9260 Mini Fixed-Point Cell Furnace. Work with them at their designated freeze point, or use them at their melting point to simplify the calibration process even further. We published a paper, “The Comparison Between the Freezing Point and Melting Point of Tin," to help you understand and benefit from the easier procedure of using the melting point of your standard.

These mini cells are made from the same materials and with the same procedures as their full-size counterparts. In fact, they can achieve nearly the same uncertainty levels as Hart’s traditional fixed-point cells. Probes as short as nine inches work with these cells. The specifications table gives you the immersion depth and uncertainty for each cell.

In addition to high-accuracy calibrations of RTDs and PRTs, these cells are perfect for validating the accuracy of SPRTs. If you’re doing comparison calibrations with SPRTs, then you know the importance of occasionally checking their accuracy between their own recalibrations. Because these cells are easy to use and maintain, verification checks are simple and convenient.

Metal-cased cells

Metal-cased cells can also be used in the 9260 maintenance furnace. Because they use stainless steel cases, these cells are easier to use and transport without risk of breakage. You’ll notice that we have designed the metal cased cells with more immersion depth to give even better uncertainty too!

You’ll find these cells easier to use than you expect. You can have a free copy of Xumo Li’s paper comparing freeze-point measurements with melting-point measurements, and if you want a high level of training in using metal freeze-point cells, you can attend one of Fluke Calibration's in-depth training classes held in our lab in Utah.

Hart 5947 Mini Metal-Cased Aluminum Cell

Fixed-Point Aluminium F.P.
Temperature (°C) 660.323
Outside Diameter 41.3 mm
Inside Diameter 7.8 mm
Total Cell Height 222 mm
Immersion Depth¹ 156 mm
Cell Only² 2.0
Simple Realization² 4.0

¹ Distance from the bottom of the central well to the surface of the pure metal.

² ”Cell Only” refers to the expanded uncertainty of the cell when realized by traditional methods and maintained using traditional maintenance devices. “Simple Realization” refers to the expanded uncertainty of the cell when realized using practical methods (melting points instead of freezing points or slush ice instead of an ice mantle, for example) and maintained using Hart’s 9210 and 9260 mini cell maintenance apparatus.

More Product Information

  • Rugged mini IR thermometer with 12:1 distance to spot ratio for non-contact temperature measurements
  • Measures temperature from -32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
  • Features high-resolution optics for measuring in hard-to-reach situations
  • Delivers high accuracy (1%) and repeatability (0.5%)
  • Shows MAX temperature on backlit display
  • Offers laser targeting for precise measurements

  • Highly accurate infrared thermometer for measuring temperatures from -30°C to 500°C (-22°F to 932°F) accurate to +1.5°C or +1.5% of reading (whichever is greater)
  • Provides a 10:1 Distance to spot ratio
  • Offers single laser targeting for accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Features IP54 rating against dust and moisture

  • Rugged versatile IR thermometer for non-contact temperature applications
  • Provides easy targeting bright laser beam
  • Measures temperatures from -18 to 275°C (-0 to 525°F) with 0.2°C (0. 5°F) resolution
  • Clearly presents data at a glance on the large backlit display
  • Includes a shock-absorbing holster to increase ruggedness
  • Provides an 8:1 distance to spot ratio

  • Full HART Device Description (DD) support of all HART devices
  • Configure HART devices
  • Perform HART trim on HART devices when used with a Fluke 750 or 720 series calibrator
  • Monitor device PV, SV, TV, QV and other measured HART variables
  • Quarterly HART DD updates for free
  • Convenient wireless connectivity to HART modem
  • Easy to use, fast connect and view HART data
  • Store HART device configurations
  • Long range wireless communication up to 250 feet

  • Intrinsically safe infrared and contact thermometer
  • Meets intrinsically safe certifications in Class I Div. 1 and Div. 2 or Zone 1 and 2 hazardous environments
  • Measures temperatures from -40°C to 800°C (-40°F to 1472°F)
  • Comes with a conductive case to safely carry the IR thermometer into hazardous areas
  • Offers a distance-to-spot ratio of 50:1

  • Full-featured documenting process calibrator with HART communication for calibrating and troubleshooting HART instrumentation.
  • Measures volts, mA,TDs, thermocouples, frequency, and ohms to test sensors, transmitters and more
  • Sources/simulates volts, mA, thermocouples, RTDs, frequency, ohms, and pressure to calibrate transmitters
  • Powers transmitters during test using loop supply with simultaneous mA measurement

  • mA precision loop calibrator that communicates with and tests HART smart instruments
  • Features best-in-class accuracy at 0.01% reading
  • Provides intuitive user interface with Quick-Set knob for fast setup
  • Includes built in selectable 250 Ω resistor for HART communication
  • Features 24 V DC loop power with mA measure mode (-25% to 125%)

  • Short-term accuracy to ± 0.01 °C; one-year drift < ± 0.01 °C
  • Accredited NVLAP calibration optional
  • Flexible PTFE and silicone coated fast-response models
  • Rugged polished stainless steel sheaths

  • Ultimate troubleshooting tool for electricians and instrumentation professionals
  • Combines the functionality of a loop calibrator with the power of a precision 1000 V, 440 mA True-RMS digital multimeter
  • Optional IR3000FC module for wireless data logging capabilities via Fluke Connect® mobile App
  • Includes 24 V loop power supply
  • Features a very large dual display with enhanced two-level backlight brightness settings

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